This little twit at Twitter who calls herself “IslamicJihadi” has really been working herself up into a lather. Calling for her radical followers (all 16 of them with equally stupid names) to “make dua” (is that like “making water?”) for a church in Florida to burn down and now for the execution of Pamela Geller.

IJ must have been taking lessons from good ol’ Zackie-boy on how to call for the death of people. Wonder if she’ll follow his example right into the hands of the FBI? It would be sweet, that’s for sure.

Maybe she’s waiting in the basement of mama’s house somewhere in Virginia or in an apartment paid for by a rich daddy or even possibly the taxpayers of this country just like Zack was, too. I’m sure the FBI knows exactly where to look. Better watch your six, sister. LOL!

I’mFlippinTheRaya has tons more on this moron and has been keeping an eye on her a lot longer than I have.