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Tidbits from Zachie-Boy’s FBI affidavit

Affidavit viewable at  The Smoking Gun

These are a couple tidbits I found interesting:

Zach’s wife Umm Talhah — you thought that was weird — her real name is Proscovia Nzabanita.  Origin??? Dunno.

Zach owned youtube channel AlQuranWaAlaHadith — I think YouTubeSmackdown took that puppy DOWN!
Neither Zack nor Hag in a Bag are employed – yep – so we were right.  They are doing this Anti-American BS on our dime.  Are you shocked?  I’m not.  Who else has time for this kind of activity than someone who refuses to be a productive member of society.  What a spoiled brat he was.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

There’s more, and I’ll add thoughts as they come to me.

Musings on Cockroaches….

It’s fun watching the cockroaches scatter when the light of an arrest is shown in their midst – you can tell the true believers – they are morons who don’t have a clue that they should shut up. Which is good for us – they stick out like sore thumbs and the authorities can see them a mile away! Oh look! Here’s a perfect example.

For background, read here. Don’t miss the other posts there either.

Zachary Chesser, Anwar Al-Awlaki and YouTube: Ah! Symbiosis!

I have been extremely busy with a bunch of personal stuff and haven’t had time to write.  I was actually taking a break with a pal last night and missed an interesting – and oh! so sweet! – bit of  news which I would normally have seen at the Jawa Report, but I got on email from a friend late last night.  It seems that RevolutionMuslim‘s South Park threatener Zachie-boy Chesser,  using his infant son as camouflage (what a typical terrorist thing to do huh?) tried to board a flight to Uganda with an ultimate goal of reaching Somalia to train and fight with al-Shabaab, which has ties to Al Qaeda.  There goes his “Father of the Year” award!

Apparently Zach has been ostracized by his family because of his extreme views and one report said that he had earlier tried to follow this path with his wifey Umm Talhah, but HER mommy stole her passport to prevent it.

His first attempt to join al-Shabab came in November, when he planned to travel with his wife to Kenya and make his way to Somalia, possibly by speedboat. But Chesser wrote in his journal – which he described as a “real-life ‘how-to guide’ on how to reach the fields of jihad” – that his mother-in-law took his wife’s passport and wouldn’t give it back, thwarting his plans.

I cannot tell you how funny I found that!  The big-man-on-campus Zachie, foiled by his mother-in-law!  (Go MOM!!!) Sounds like THAT would make an excellent South Park episode, doesn’t it?  This boy is a traitor of the first degree.  Let’s hope that the U.S. government gives him the proper punishment for being one.

The most disturbing part of the story to me is this – Zachie had had contact with none other the Al-Awlaki, the radical cleric who was recently added to the U.N.’s “Terror List” and is on the wanted dead or alive U.S. terror list.  Awlaki is in Yemen (reportedly.)  Just how would a cowardly cleric who won’t commit violence himself but incites others be able to influence a college aged kid who lives in Virginia?   The quick answer is “the internet:”

The terrorism-related charges against two Americans, both devotees of Mr. Awlaki, are part of a marked increase in homegrown extremism in the United States, often influenced by radical material on the Internet.

But no one seems to want to delve into the exact way that this happens on the internet.  I’ve been posting about this for a few years, and the folks at Quoth the Raven and The Jawa Report (among others) have been after it for WAY longer!  A quick and simple primer for how it happens is this:  the terrorist’s video tape their radical cleric and then the production wing of Al-Qaeda or whatever terrorist group they are with edits the video.  They then upload their propaganda – usually to a big uploading site (like megaupload or RapidShare.)  A little dweebie terrorist wannabe like Zachie Boy then goes to that site and downloads the video, uploads it to YouTube for free and easy video hosting and then embeds it in his blog so that all the other dweebie little terrorist wannabe’s can see it and get all jazzed up for jihad!  Seriously – if you want to see the dots connected for you, look here.

So just how easy is it to find Awlaki’s videos at YouTube?  Click here to see search results at YouTube — or try this one.  These videos are uploaded daily by users like DEENONLINE and Safallah7.  In Awlaki’s most recent foray into inciting the wannabes, he urges Muslims in the U.S. to wage jihad against the government.  The guy is serious and we need to take him seriously, because it’s rather obvious that his target audience does by the actions that they take upon being influenced by him.

What is it going to take for YouTube to take seriously their responsibility in this process? The FReeRepublic group and others have been flagging videos like crazy and YouTube has begrudgingly removed one or two videos here and there.  It seems that it goes through cycles.  Something happens like the arrest of JihadJane or the attempted bombing of a airline flight to Detroit and for a while they are fairly responsive to flaggings.  Then they sort of devolve into apathy until the next thing comes along.  NOT ACCEPTABLE! YouTube is aiding and abetting terrorists and their ability to recruit all over the world.  It’s time for them to get more aggressive about removing this stuff from their servers and STAY that way.  We’re flagging – it’s time for YouTube to hold up their end of the “community policing” terms-of-use bargain.



Just a thought.  Umm-Talhah should be charged with child endangerment unless she reported Zachie-boy’s hairbrained scheme to take their son to the land of Shabaab-Jihad.  Hope the authorities are on their game and I also hope “Hag-in-the-Bag’s” MOM gets custody – sounds like she’s one smart lady.  (Thanks to Urban Infidel for the lovely nickname for Zachie-boy’s wifey and also for the picture.)

Houndstooth, Hamas and Coexistence

Coexist with Hamas??Ok – this just caught my eye and I really want to try to look into it further.  My family and I went for a shopping trip to pick up some shampoo and such at our local KMart store.  I was walking down the front aisle toward the checkout when I saw the blankets, pictured here.  It caught my eye for several reasons.

First, the whole “coexist” message is just plain stupid.  Yes, I would like to get along with everyone, but there are people in the world who really want me dead just because I don’t believe what they believe.

Second, did you notice the actual logo for COEXIST in this picture?  I can’t find a larger one (still looking) but from what I can see of it, there is no Jewish or Christian symbol at all.  Odd that.

And last, but oh! so NOT least – look at that color selection.  Does anything about it strike you as…well…strange?  As I am a Crimson Tide fan, my first thought when I see houndstooth is “MAN! I LOVE BEAR BRYANT!”  But somehow I don’t think that’s the message here.  So, who else wears that black and white patterned color beside good ‘ol Alabama boys and girls yelling “ROLL TIDE! KICK SOME AUBURN BUTT THIS YEAR!!!”  Well…lesseee…. maybe…SATAN!?!!  Not quite, but close….

Ok, ok, so he doesn’t wear houndstooth.  So maybe it’s a stretch.  Maybe houndstooth is the new in for fall 2010.  Who knows?  All I know is my brain went there – and I’m wondering if it’s more than a coincidence…  Or maybe I just need to unpack a few of these little accessories!  Ha!


H/T to Lan Astaslem for the following image, linked in comments:

al-Awlaki calls for execution of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day cartoonist

From the New York Daily News:

A charismatic terror leader linked to the botched Times Square car bomb has placed the Seattle cartoonist who launched “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on an execution hitlist.

The Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical who’s also been cited as inspiring the Fort Hood, Tex., massacre and the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers – singled out artist Molly Norris as a “prime target,” saying her “proper abode is Hellfire.

Well guess what?  The U.S. government has authorized the targeted killing of Awlaki.  Now would be nice.

Backstory here.

Lone Canadian blogger takes on Islamic Emirates of YouTube: FLIPS THEIR RAYA!

So here I thought that it was just us Americans taking on the hirabist terrorists on the ‘net!  Sooooo glad to see that we are not alone!

Check out I’m Flipping The Raya!  The owners of this site have come up with an ingenious idea – take the Al Qaeda battle flag (aka “The Raya”) and flip it horizontally, which is the internet equivalent of capturing their flag.  There are even instructions on how to “flip the raya” for yourself!

Rock on, Canadians!  Welcome to the fight!  This IS an international fight against Muslim extremism – the more of us who are active in it, the better!

I’m gonna have to keep my eye on these guys.  And before I forget, I found their youtube channel here and their Twitter here.  Dang – ain’t technology grand?

P.S. If you know of any other international (meaning NON-U.S.) websites who are fighting the good fight, please send them my way – I’d love to bookmark them! Thanks!

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