Well, guess what?!  @IslamicJihadi has added the beautiful Brigitte Gabriel to her execution making dua for execution list.

So let’s see… Me, Pamela Geller, all Zionist bloggers, and Brigitte Gabriel.  I can’t believe she hasn’t added Michelle Malkin!  LOL  Seriously – what is it about going after women?  I guess that really shows how strong and brave these whiny-butt online hirabist wannabe’s really are. Lord knows Zachie-boy was a paragon of strength and determination. (insert pronounced eyeroll here)

What’s increasingly transparent and oh! so ironic is that a twit like @IslamicJihadi has to jump on the coattails of a lovely Jewess (Pamela Geller) and a gorgeous Lebanese Christian (Brigitte Gabriel) to try to get noticed.  The idiot can’t even get traction if it weren’t for the  people she hates!  Oh yeah – I am laughing my butt off about that!