Wow.  So this is just some weird stuff.  I’ve posted a few times about Linda G. Richard, the moron who put together the list of people to go after at Facebook because they dared to “like” the Everybody Draw Mo day group there.  (Backstory at Jawa Report here.)  So I was looking at some more of her internet writings today, and thanks to a friend, found this one at a website called “Master Adrian.” What she has blogged at this site is nothing new – same old blah blah blah.  What’s odd is the type of site she chose to blog on….  Well, it speaks for itself….

I wonder if Master Aidan knows what the people that Linda is fighting to free from prison would do to him for being gay.  Seriously.  I cannot believe it when the homosexuals align themselves with Islamists.  They really, REALLY need to read up on Sharia!  What a strange world.

Or perhaps Linda is a closet lesbian.  Again – does she have a clue what the people she whines about being behind bars would do to her if that’s the case?  Have these people never seen the videos?  Seriously.

H/T bartender for the link!