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Hey Dems – this is for you!

Nicely done!

RevolutionMuslim has been punk’d

No kidding!  This is hilarious!  Apparently they had a post (don’t click the link unless you are prepared for gore) that was completely filled with what InternetAnthropologist called “dirty pictures” — they were pictures from the war that showed our guys in pain.  There are still a few there, but most of them look like this:

Apparently tinypic and imageshack don’t like people using their services for promoting terrorist agendas!  Good on them!  Maybe they could have a talk with YouTube and Blogger!

Union and non-union tradesman refuse to work on the Ground Zero Mosque

Wow – what a fantastic idea from Andrew Sullivan – he calls it the 911 Hard Hat Pledge.

Here are the names of union and non-union tradesman who refuse towork the site of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. We feel we have been betrayed by our civic leaders and elected officials as they allow the Cordoba Initiative Group build their Mega-Mosque on top of the ashes of the 3,ooo innocents who were slaughtered on 911.

The comments at the link are AWESOME!

I am a CNC programmer and machine shop manager. We will never accept any manufacturing projects or contracts affiliated with the Ground Zero Mosque.

I would never work on this site. This is a discrace i cant wait to see the scumbags that show up with their tools to work here. I too am a union carpenter and have spoken to other members on their veiws of working there. I believe we should stand together on this and not let this happen. If you even consider working there you should be ashamed of yourself.

and more like those…  BUT – the one that REALLY got me was this one:

I am the mother of FF Michael Edward Roberts, FDNY, Eng 214 who was mudered at the WTC on September 11, 2001. His Engine Compnay was sent to the Towers from their Firehouse in Brooklyn New York, all five were killed, the chauffeur of the truck survived. I have devoted my life to keeping my son’s legacy alive and have tried to stay out of the politics in our city, state and country because i do believe that our government failed it’s citizens on September 11,2002 as it did before and after that awful day. It never should have happened and I do believe it will happen again because of the Political Correct Attitudes of the powers that be in America especially in this case, Bloomberg and Cuomo!

This issue I cannot ignore, this mosque cannot be built! When I saw this group this morning, my body started to shake and my heart began to race I was so excited and proud at the same time! You can stop the madness. You are the backbone of this city and I am so proud of you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Sincerely Veronica Fox-Roberts, Michael’s Mom

So how about it?  Anybody who reads here who works in the industry – please go sign his pledge.  The pinheads won’t be able to build it if they don’t have help.  There’s more than one way to fight. GO ANDREW!!

H/T to UrbanInfidel.

@IslamicJihadi depends on the Jews and Christians – Irony much?

Well, guess what?!  @IslamicJihadi has added the beautiful Brigitte Gabriel to her execution making dua for execution list.

So let’s see… Me, Pamela Geller, all Zionist bloggers, and Brigitte Gabriel.  I can’t believe she hasn’t added Michelle Malkin!  LOL  Seriously – what is it about going after women?  I guess that really shows how strong and brave these whiny-butt online hirabist wannabe’s really are. Lord knows Zachie-boy was a paragon of strength and determination. (insert pronounced eyeroll here)

What’s increasingly transparent and oh! so ironic is that a twit like @IslamicJihadi has to jump on the coattails of a lovely Jewess (Pamela Geller) and a gorgeous Lebanese Christian (Brigitte Gabriel) to try to get noticed.  The idiot can’t even get traction if it weren’t for the  people she hates!  Oh yeah – I am laughing my butt off about that!

US & Canadian internet services aiding terrorists

You know, I feel rather like Don Quixote tilting at windmills on this one, but here goes.  So everyone has heard of GoDaddy, right?  The big internet domain hosting site?  Well, I learned a little about Dr. Bob Parsons, the guy that owns GoDaddy, over the weekend.  The guy has an amazing knack for making money – and good on him for that.  But I’ll admit I was a little surprised to find out that he’s a former Marine (Ooorah!) as well…


In 1968, Parsons joined the United States Marine Corps. He was assigned to the 26th Marine Regiment which was attached and operated as part of the U.S. 1st Marine Division. In 1969, he did a tour of duty in Vietnam, serving as a rifleman in the Delta Company of the 1st Battalion, 26th Marines in the Quang Nam Province.

He was wounded on duty, medically evacuated and spent two months at a naval hospital recovering from his wounds. As a result of his service and injury he earned the Combat Action Ribbon, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross, and the Purple Heart

Sounds like my kind of guy!  Smart, obviously brave and a self-made millionaire!  But there’s a little thing that’s nagging me about him.  His company, GoDaddy, is host to several terrorist domains.  This story from Creeping Sharia is a year and a half old, but it tells where the terrorist sites at the time were hosting their stuff.

The Hezbollah site is still registered by GoDaddy.  I would think that Dr. Parsons would NOT approve, since he obviously knows what an enemy is!!

This map shows where active terrorist websites, satellite channels around the world are located – what an eye-opener!!

For grins, I looked at a current list of the Top 10 Jihadi Forums from Internet Haganah:

01. Tahadi

02. Faloja

03. Shmukh

04. Ansar-ar

05. Majahden

06. Luyoth

07. Qimmah

08. Jahafal

09. M3ark

10. Tw7eed

So let’s see how they stack up, shall we?  Of the sites listed above, Ansar-Ar is hosted by FastDomains.Inc out of Provo, Utah.  Majaden is on – and a quick check of shows that it is out of Rochester, NY.  Luyoth is hosted in York, Canada by MCI/Verizon out of Virginia.  Jahafal has it’s information private via a Toronto company called

What is with all the US/Canadian companies helping the enemy?  I just don’t get it!  I will admit that with all the people applying for domains, etc, it’s gotta be hard to keep up with who is who.  And maybe each of these services need a heads up about who they are hosting — hopefully that’s all it would take!  My clickable links of the terrorist sites go to the whois listings for the sites, not the sites themselves.

I think we need to make a little noise.  Hosting websites or allowing domain registrations for terrorists are not acceptable!  You know what to do, peeps!

H/T to someone who gave me a tip – you know who you are!

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