No new news on the site so far today.  Yesterday I did send examples with screenshots to explain why I believe the site should be removed from BlueHost’s servers.  I imagine that it takes a while for an ISP to do that — and I also imagine that the more complaints they receive, the greater the likelihood that there will be follow-through.  If you’re up for it, please contact with a complaint!

So last night I was playing around a bit on the SalafiMedia site and found some rabbit trails.  Another friend was playing too, and I’ll be chasing some of these down as I have time.

Rabbit trail #1:

When I mouseover links to the videos at the SalafiMedia, I see in the bottom of my screen on the taskbar that it is transferring information from another site:  It appears from a googlecache of that site to be a German version of

The tracer route shows that it returns to Hostmonster/Bluehost.  It is my intent to send a complaint about this site as soon as I have confirmation from Bluehost that the English version is removed.

Rabbit trail #2:

When I mouseover the link to one of the promoted sites that’s in the scrolling squares at the bottom of SalafiMedia’s home page, I see a link in my taskbar to  This site hosts many video and audio recording of Sheiks and Imams including Anwar Al-Awlaki, the  Al Qaeda-linked cleric who’s hiding out in Yemen after inspiring multiple terrorism attacks here in the US.

I ran some checks and found that is hosted by Dreamhost on US servers.

Dreamhost has the standard Terms of Service agreements which include a paragraph about using their services only for a “Lawful Purpose.”

Because Anwar Al-Awlaki is a fugitive from U.S. justice and there are Executive Orders in place which prohibit any aid or support, material or otherwise, being given to him as a terrorist, it is illegal for DreamHost to be hosting and allowing dissemination of these videos.   Send your complaints to  Make sure to remind them how “illegal” violates their Terms of Service as that seems to be more important to them than that they are doing something illegal.

More rabbit trails to come later today.