NY Daily News

Rep. Anthony Weiner wants YouTube to pull down more than 700 clips of Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American cleric who inspired the Fort Hood massacre and Christmas undies bomber.

“We are facilitating the recruitment of homegrown terror,” Weiner told the Daily News, demanding the popular online video site take action.

“There is no reason we should give killers like al-Awlaki access to one of the world’s largest bully pulpits so they can inspire more violent acts within our borders, or anywhere else in the world,” Weiner added.

Welcome to the party,  Mr. Weiner.  You’d think that YouTube would have the sense to do this themselves.  Or that they might actually be responsive to calls from within the YouTube community to do it.  Especially since those Awlaki videos are in direct opposition to their terms of service.

Senator Lieberman had a little success once upon a time.  Here’s hoping you have more success.  And from our experience at YouTube Smackdown, YouTube may remove a few, here and there, while they are on the hot seat.  But as soon as John Q. Public’s fickle attention turns elsewhere, they’ll slack off again.


And YouTube sends a rejoinder.  From WeaselZippers….

In a statement e-mailed to CNN on Monday, YouTube said its community guidelines “prohibit videos that promote dangerous or illegal activities (including bomb-making, sniper attacks, or other terrorist acts), contain hate speech, and videos that are posted with the purpose of inciting others to commit specific, serious acts of violence. In addition, we remove all videos and terminate any account known to be registered by a member of a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and used in an official capacity to further the interests of the FTO. We review all videos brought to our attention through community flagging 7 days a week, and routinely remove content that violates our policies, usually in under an hour.”

A CNN search showed that several videos featuring Al-Awlaki had been removed from the site, with messages saying that the removals were due to violations of YouTube’s “policy of depiction of harmful activities” or “Community Guidelines.”

ROFL!  “Several?”  Really??  Ok – it’s really not funny, but it’s so ludicrous you can’t help but laugh at their idiocy!  Just look for yourself.   According to the NY Daily News article, “as many as 750 Awlaki YouTube videos have been viewed some 3.5 million times.”  So what – did they remove 5?  10?  C’mon YouTube, can’t you see how stupid you are?

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2010/10/24/2010-10-24_youtubes_got_to_gag_jihad_mouthpiece_weiner.html?r=news#ixzz13P6ojlk0