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Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane rumors

Scuttlebutt from is that she will be changing her please from “not guilty” to “guilty.”

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania woman, nicknamed “Jihad Jane,” who pleaded not guilty to four terror conspiracy charges back in March 2010, is expected to change her plea, CNN reported Friday. Colleen LaRose’s attorney told CNN that she will change her plea to guilty to charges that she conspired to support terrorists and kill a person in a foreign country.

Don’t remember her using the name “Fatima Rose” as the story stated – it was Fatima LaRose as I recall.


HNY 2 U!

Imagine you are a splodey dope wannabe.  You’ve got yourself all hopped up on Mohammed quotes and practiced your “Allah Akbar!” ’til you are blue in the face.  Today is your big day…. You’ve said your prayers, strapped on your suicide belt, and you’re ready to take out some innocent people at the Red Square while they innocently celebrate the arrival of 2011.

From via Michael Yon on Facebook….

The would-be suicide bomber was planning to detonate a suicide belt bomb near Red Square, a plan that was foiled when her wireless carrier sent her an SMS while she was still at a safe house, setting off the bomb and killing her. The message reportedly wished her a Happy New Years, according to the report, which sourced the info from security forces in Russia.

Bwaaahahahahaaa!  All I can say is too bad her splodey dope pals weren’t standing there with her when she blew up.  Allah Akbar indeed.

Good news from Afghanistan

General Petraeus’ COMISAF Assessment via Michael Yon:

My favorite line:

“Now in fact the insurgents are increasingly responding to our operations rather than vice-versa, and there are numerous reports of unprecedented discord among the members of Quetta Shura, the Taliban senior leadership body.”

Sounds like the effort is worthwhile, nevermind that Obama doesn’t appear to support anything successful.  Seems to me that when we win this war is will be in spite of the CIC rather than because of him.



Just watch.

For Neda.  For all the beautiful people who are fighting for FREEDOM!

Thank you Evan Mark  for this powerful video!


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