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Cowboys & Communists

Good stuff from Joe Dan Gorman.  Let’s Roll!!

“We Will Not Go Down Without A Fight”

Joe Dan’s got a new song and it ROCKS!!  Check it out at

“I Am The Infidel”

LOVE this tune from JoeDanMedia.

Check out all of his tunes!  My personal favorite is this one:

Republican vs. Democrat Women

Sent to me by a friend.  (Thanks Terri!)  As you’re watching the first half about Republican women, ask yourself what song they will play for the Democrats…

‘Nuff said!

Kiss Rocks the Troops – God bless ’em all!

What a way to start the day!

H/T Kathy.

A good YouTube for a change… Stuck Mojo

These guys ROCK!

Updated — check out THIS version of OPEN SEASON!  Whoa!

Hat Tip to RW — thanks!

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