Just some random thoughts….

I do think that Mr. Williams has had his eyes open to the kind of treatment conservatives get every day they are around.  He has learned that people like Bill O’Reilly (who is a moderate, I believe) is a “stand up guy” and the conservative side gives you a fair shake, but when you question the lefty idiots, you get fired.  Hard pill to swallow for him, I’m sure.

By the way – where’s the NAACP and the ACLU – a white chick fired a black dude.  Aren’t you guys gonna pitch a fit or something?  Just askin’.

Am quite ecstatic that NPR might possibly (dare I hope?) lose their tax-payer funding over this.  I mean really – how else do you think they survive with their leftist agenda?  Of course, George Soros could always pull out the checkbook again.  Other than that, NPR would continue on the path of destruction so immaculately carved by Air America soon enough.  Businesses don’t want to buy advertisements on talk shows that do nothing but bash businesses.  Capitalism rules!  The only way they’ve made it so far is through the communistic distribution of the wealth and forced support by all taxpayers — including those like me who pretty much abhor their agenda.

Like I said – random thoughts.  I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round….