No surprise from this chick ~ the Enemedia’s constant reporting on every terrorist incident is free PR ~ and as a result bolsters their morale and resolve. So says the New Media Journal in a piece called “The Incompetency of Jihad: Information Operation Failures.

The impact of Information Operations has been detailed in a previous NGIA, Inc. In-Depth Analysis report entitled “Al-Qaeda’s Reality.” The attention the media gives to terrorist incidents unfortunately emboldens the terrorists. For the most part, AQ has a very effective message laden with propaganda that gets unprecedented airplay. To get this type of exposure, a company would have to spend millions. A careful examination of the media coverage reveals a redundant analysis of terrorist incidents and what they mean without questioning the terrorist’s message.

Ah! The Enemedia lives up to it’s name, does it not?

The infowar is not lost however ~ YouTube hirabists have been feeling the pressure. Thanks to YouTube Smackdown and others, they are finding that YouTube is no longer the safe, comfortable recruiting environment it once was. You’d think that since YouTube is a US company on US servers it would be a no-brainer. *eyeroll* If you’d like to help with this effort, check out these sites:

Never give up, never give in. And most of all, never forget.