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Facebook Jihadis

I received an item today from another member of the YouTube Smackdown crew.  I am usually more centered on YouTube and how that entity facilitates violent jihadis, but I could not just let this pass without sending it on for more attention.  It seems that Facebook is doing their part to contribute to the violence also.  I do not have permission to use the name of the person from whom this was originally received, so I will redact that portion of their email.

It is time to shame facebook for their continued inactivity in preventing terrorists from using their platform!  It is time to publicly call them out.  There are many of us who spend our individual free time “reporting” pages, to no avail.  Facebook must do a better job of keeping terrorists and their supporters from using facebook to promote their agendas and activities!  Please help.

Here is a SMALL list of sites that I regularly “report.”

Ummah’s Jihad

Taliban in Afghanistan!/pages/Islamic-State-of-Afghanistan-%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%84%D8%A9-%D8%A3%D9%81%D8%BA%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A5%D8%B3%D9%84%D8%A7%D9%85%D9%8A%D8%A9/164687526914128

Ansar Correspondent

Alkataib Channel (Al-Shabaab)

Islamic Resistane Hezbollah

Supporters of the Resistance Movement

Ummah al-Jihad


Network Media Correspondents

Pakistan Mujahideen

Voice of Islamic Resistance

Islamic Emirates of Kashmir

Global Islamic Front – 2

Quran and Sunnah

Kataibul Iman

Abdullah As Saif

Islamic Media Network

Kataibul Iman for Statements

Islamic State

Jihad Nasheeds

Network of Global Jihad

Supporters of Chechnya terrorists


Will you help  by doing a story on this?

Thank you,

Name redacted

Is there anyone who will join me in helping her to report the goings-on at Facebook?  This type of blatant disregard must stop!


American Terrorists

Was doing some research for Internet Antropologist and found this very informative article.

We (and that’s a collective “we” including many different people and many different websites) have been saying this for a LONG time.  The violent postings of terrorist wannabe’s on the internet need to be taken seriously.  That’s why we’re so adamant that YouTube, Facebook and other social networks abide by their posted TOS.  The less outlets the terrorists have to congregate in, the more likely than can be caught.

Jihad’s Ugly American Face

…On July 10, Chesser was barred from boarding a flight New York to Uganda. According to an affidavit filed in the case, he admitted his intention was to travel to Somalia to fight for al-Shabaab. Chesser also said he brought his infant son with him as a cover “to avoid detection of his intention to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia,” the affidavit said.

Brachman calls would-be terrorists who graduated from posting jihadist rhetoric on the Internet to attempting to carry it out “jihobbyists.”

It is a fallacy to believe that such people don’t constitute a security threat. “There are so many [jihadists] that have a big online footprint before they go violent,” Brachman told the IPT.

For example, Faisal Shahzad, who pled guilty in the May Times Square plot, reportedly blogged on jihadist websites dating back to 2006. Hasan corresponded with Awlaki and other radicals via the Internet prior to the Fort Hood killings. Colleen LaRose, AKA “Jihad Jane,” posted frequently in favor of jihad prior to her arrest on charges of providing material support to terrorism and plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist for depicting the prophet Muhammad.

The trend of American jihadists moving from advocacy to armed violence is likely to accelerate. For years, jihadists had accepted the concept that some of them would engage in violence while others could help with online advocacy, Brachman said. But he senses that this outlook is shifting dramatically. The turning point was a December 30 suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan which killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian official. The bomber was Humam al-Balawi, a double agent and a prolific jihadist blogger.

“That was a definitive moment for how jihobbyists thought of themselves,” Brachman told the IPT. In the wake of Balawi’s suicide attack, “the new mindset we’ve seen is that it’s no longer acceptable just to support violent jihad online.”

Jihad using the Internet and social media is now regarded “as a staging ground and not an end in itself,” Brachman said.

Go read the entire thing – it’s a who’s who of American terrorists.  And how they got there.

Linda G Richard on Trollwatch

Or, I see Vinnie everywhere!!  Oh nooooooo!


Linda G. Richard is running scared. She of Facebook hitlist fame is now turning on friends at Facebook because she thinks that they are Vinnie from Jawas! She’s pretty jumpy, that one!

Oh by all means!  Warn them!

LMAO!  They are eating their own!

Like the pictures your buds at RevolutionMuslim hotlinked from the Jawa Report?  Well tell those fun-loving terrorist buddies of yours to stop hotlinking and then their site won’t be filled up with such awful pictures!  LOL

Awwww!  Is poor little Umm Talhah wasting away whilst her momma’s boy is in jail?

Before we waste any sympathy on her, let’s remember that she allowed her husband to attempt to leave the country with their child, so that he could go join As-Shabaab in Somalia.  What, exactly, was the idiot going to do with the child once he got to the terrorist training camp?  Was he planning to just dump the kid in an orphanage somewhere, or worse, take him along on terrorist missions?

That question leaves you with a few possibilities…  One is that this was not a well-thought-through plan –which I don’t believe, because Zachie has demonstrated an ability to reason (although his conclusions are wrong) in many of his posts on the internet.  Or if it was well-planned, it’s even more chilling.  It means that the mother and father of this innocent child were willing to sacrifice his safety and welfare in order to fulfill their terrorist desires.  Talk about moral depravity – this takes the cake!

So no, we won’t be feeling sorry for wifey unless there’s some mitigating information that comes out — like maybe she turned her moron husband in for trying to take their kid to Somalia!  But until some information like that is revealed, fuggedaboutit.

Oh nooooes!  “These people” are running “amok!”  The sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Look Chicken Little, the person who started this targeting was YOU with your stupid “hitlist.”  And what was posted about “Sister Fatima” was not propaganda – she’s a terrorist wannabe who got busted and you can flap your idiot gums all you want to about that, but you can’t change the facts. And trust us, we’ll keep our eye on you AND your pals and learn everything we can.  That way we’ll be able to stop the next Colleen La Rose and Zachary Chesser.  Stick that in your hooka pipe and smoke it.

LOL  You are pathetic.  You’re all over the internet and you sign this with a fake name?  And oh – let’s not forget the mandatory disclaimer…

As IF you think this stupid disclaimer would protect you and your pals from consequences for the things that you post?  You really need to go back to law school and get some more education if you believe that one!

Facebook responds to Pakistan

It’s the equivalent of “I’ll see your fifty and raise you a hundred.”

A company spokeswoman told on Wednesday that Facebook was “disappointed” by a Pakistani court’s decision to block some of the pages.

“We are very disappointed with the Pakistani Courts’ decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way,” the statement read. “We are analyzing the situation and the legal considerations, and will take appropriate action, which may include making this content inaccessible to users in Pakistan.”

Game, set, match? Is Facebook really thinking about blocking themselves from Pakistan?  That’s how I read it at first, but I think it means that Facebook is considering a way to make their product palatable to the whiner radicals.

Good grief!  The people in Pakistan who want to look at Facebook are GROWNUPS.  Can they not make a decision to look at or not look at material on their own?  Must they be herded like so many stupid sheep and “protected” for their own good?  Muslim or not, if I lived in Pakistan I would be raising a ruckus about wanting to make decisions for myself.

Which brings me to another point…

This “protection” of the people by eliminating their free choice is what sharia law is all about.  That’s what they want here, in our country.  Bowing and scraping and bending over  backwards not to offend them only aids them in removing freedoms from the people.


Paki bans Facebook over “Everybody Draw Mo” Day

No kidding.

Facebook could be banned in Pakistan any time now, After they have not taken down the controversial Facebook Fan Page ‘ Everybody Draw Muhammad Day (20th may) ‘.  Ministry of Technology and Telecom has issued the directive to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to ban the access to Facebook reported by ProPakistani.

And then there’s this update:

[ Update: 19-May-2010 4:00 pm PST ]

Alright I am using PTCL DSL and I can confirm that access to entire facebook is blocked. Even the widgets we have on this blog are not showing any facebook share link.

That might just put a kink in the plans of the Anti-Draw-Mo-Day crowd who was hoping to DDOS anyone who posted images of Mo.

Update 2:  Looks like YouTube is banned too.

Dear Sgt. Leader: We Support You!

From the Daily Mail online….

More than 40,000 people have signed up to a Facebook campaign supporting Royal Marine Sergeant Mark Leader, who was sacked after assaulting an Afghan prisoner with a Wellington boot.

So what was the nature of the assault?  According to the Facebook group, he threw a Wellington boot at the guy.  Oh. My. Goodness!  A Wellington boot?  Ok, the terrorist was PLANTING A FREAKING IED!  And you’re worried that one of the good guys threw a boot at him?  Here’s what the Facebook group page says:

Royal Marine Commando Sgt. Mark Leader has been sacked for throwing a wellington boot at a taliban terrorist found burying an IED just 50 metres from base , after 18 years of top quality military service five times decorated with campaign medals , he had witnessed his best friend and two other mates blown up by an IED just prior to this . He has lost his job and pension…this is disgusting and another example of one rule for us and another for the taliban…lets get justice for this fine Royal Marine and not for the Taliban….

This group is for people who dislike the fact that every Religous or Political Group seem to be treated better than Our Brave Troops

The comments on the facebook page range from anger to disgust.  Understandably so.  If you’re a facebooker, I recommend that you join the group and if you are so inclined, sign the petition.  Our Haditha Marines can empathize with Sgt. Leader.  What an insane, idiotic world we live in when the very people who protect and defend us — who have signed their very lives to do so — are thrown to the dogs for it.  Disgusting!

Oh – and at last count, the Facebook group has over 48,500 members.

H/T Opus Rex.

The Internet as a Terrorist’s Tool: An Emerging Battlefield

As we are reeling from the revelation of yet another attempted plot to assassinate Lars Vilks for his cartoon image of Mohammed as a dog, the media would have us believe that such “radical” and “extreme” violence is something new – something that has evolved in Islam over time.  Conversely, according to IslamWatch, “Muhammad’s life is a testament of ceaseless raids and plundering expeditions of highway caravans and waging wars against the infidel” in which “he himself had orchestrated more than one hundred raids, plundering expeditions and wars.”  In the days of Muhammed, groups of men required to meet together physically to plan and carry out their offensives.  From those fledgling days of congregated warfare, to yesterday’s small groups who trained together in order to execute their missions, to today’s “lone wolf,” the terrorists have shown an amazing ability to adapt to changing technologies.  The terrorist of the future will find the tools of the internet increasingly important for their “open source jihad.”  If we do not meet the terrorists on this internet battlefield, it will be at our own expense.

Mohammed had to hold planning meetings with his advisors, recruit men to follow him, institute training camps, and then follow through with his raids. Because of the lack of technology, all of these things demanded real, physical proximity. Fast forward to 1983.  An organization known as “Islamic Jihad” claims responsibility for the bombings of the Marine barracks in Beirut. Planning meetings for this were allegedly held in Damascus – a physical meeting place. In 1993, the first World Trade Center bombing was conducted by Ramzi Yousef and others.  Ramzi had spent time in Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and received explosives training there.  His uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who funded the mission, began his jihad training in his youth and was also trained by Al Qaeda after personally meeting Afghan mujahid Abdul Rasul Sayyaf.  Khalid Sheik Mohammed went on to plan other terrorist attacks and eventually to mastermind the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of 2001.  In 1998, the US Embassy bombings in Tanzania, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam were pulled off by 21 people associated with Egyptian Islamic Jihad – including Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.  The operatives for this attack had trained together at Hezbollah training camps in Lebanon.  While these groups were becoming increasingly efficient, there was still a need for centralized planning and human interaction in order to ensure success.

Today we are finding that the evolving state of terrorism is trending toward a “lone wolf” scenario.  On November 5, 2009, Nidal Hassan acted alone when he opened fire at Ft. Hood and killed 13 people and wounded 30 more.  It later turned out that Hasan had been in email contact with radical Islamic cleric Anwar al Awlaki, who is widely believed to be an al Qaeda recruiter.  In December of 2009, five American youths from Virginia were arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan, where they had tried to contact terrorist groups to volunteer for Jihad after having made email contact with Taliban organizations beforehand.  On Christmas Day of 2009, Nigerian-born Farouk Abdulmutallab, who had been in contact with Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen, tried to bring down an airliner over Detroit, but succeeded only in giving himself some nasty burns on his upper thighs, thereby earning himself the derisive nickname “the underwear bomber.”  Al Awlaki admitted when interviewed that he had “kept in contact” with Abdulmtallab.  Most recently, the YouTube hirabist Colleen “Jihad Jane” LaRose, whose  downward spiral was documented by members of Operation YouTube Smackdown, The Jawa Report, Quoth The Raven, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank and others, began an online relationship with terrorists, traveling to Europe to allegedly marry a foreign national in order to commit the murder of Lars Vilks of Sweden, hoping ultimately to become a martyr. She used internet chat rooms and emails to help organize the plan and recruit others into it.  In each of these cases, the internet has played an vital role in bringing together easily manipulated individuals and terrorist mentors.

As we look to the future, the trend away from centralization and toward individuals acting, seemingly on their own, is likely to continue.  Rather than converging en masse to strategize with one’s followers, a mentor now only requires a simple laptop and internet access or internet active cell phone whereby he may send instructions to would-be jihadis.  The terrorist blog (link anonymized) calls this “open source jihad” and explains that it benefits violent jihad because, among other things, it can be accessed anywhere with no physical gathering space necessary, people who are not very well educated can be easily motivated to fight, and that because of the nature of the internet it provides “amplified propaganda capabilities.”  Indeed, Anwar Al Alwiki, who had been in contact with both Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, and Farouk Abdulmutullab, the Christmas Day epic fail bomber, has produced a pamphlet outlining “44 Ways to Support Jihad,” (also found here and here on YouTube.)  Along with the admonitions of fundraising for the Mujahideen and encouraging others to fight in Jihad, number 29 is an item which he lists as “WWW Jihad.”  He calls these people the “internet mujahideen” and encourages them to establish discussion forums related to Jihad, to establish email lists, to post or email Jihad literature and news, and to set up websites related to Jihad.  These admonitions play directly into the activity we have seen on the internet, and will continue to do so in the future.

From the time of Muhammed, Islamic jihad has featured violence against non-believers which demanded tangible presence to be executed.   As terrorist movements become increasingly characterized by “lone wolf” scenarios and as radical Islamic clerics call for even greater use of technology to both join them together and also to spread propaganda, terrorist’s use of forums such as YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, LiveLeak and Facebook and any other internet technologies which evolve to encite and train their followers will become that much more important to their ability to conduct the business of terrorism.

These uses of technology and the internet must be taken seriously if we wish to impede the spread of terrorism. To disregard threats posed over the internet, which is emerging as a vital terrorist tool for battle, is to seal our own fate.


Contributions to this article were made by Andrea, Jer and bartender.

Whose Troops Does Facebook Support?

“The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up.”   –Billy Sunday

There couldn’t be a more true statement made about what I’ve been seeing on the internet of late.  YouTube allows terrorists sympathizers (or worse) to use YouTube servers to host videos that the terrorists then post links for downloading or
embed on their websites

Many of the terrorist blogs and websites are on, a Google owned hosting service.  Facebook allows all manner of anti-Semitic groups to exist.

There’s even a LOVELY group called  “F*ck The Troops” [group title editing mine].   Even after being reported multiple times, it’s still up.

Then you’d think a group called “Support Our Troops!” would be safe, right?  Not really.

A friend of mine found that group and had the following conversation:

For confronting this twisted evil, my friend was given the following warning:

It was also delivered to my friend’s email address:

The fact that a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer attempts to use any or all of these services is to be expected.  What is mind-boggling is that when each of these entities is
notified of the fact that they are providing free services to terrorists, or that they are hosting content which calls for violence against specified groups, the entities have thumbed their collective noses at the person bringing the complaint, ignored  their own terms of service, permitted the activity to continue, and even threatened the accuser.  Yippee! They can be so proud of the contributions they are making to society.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to report these anti-American, anti-Semitic, terrorist sympathizing Facebook pages whenever we see them – and I hope you’ll join in and take a stand with us.


Backstory reading:  Abu Fatima at The Jawa Report put up a post about the F the Troops group on January 23.

Also posted at Free Republic.

In the “terrorists use the internet” category….

From Reuters via The JIDF:

Abdulmutallab’s Internet postings on Facebook and Islamist chatrooms while he was at school in Togo and at university show a lonely youth struggling between extreme Islamic views and liberalism, according to the Washington Post.

..Posting under the name Farouk1986, he wrote of Arabic language studies in Yemen and plans to apply to Stanford and other leading U.S. universities as well as feelings of depression and loneliness, the newspaper said.

Poor fella. Obviously his loneliness and poverty caused him to want to blow up a plane full of innocent people. Or maybe he found comfort among the wide variety of jihadist material found all over Facebook (despite their Terms of Service against such activity, which Facebook does not fully enforce…)

Couldn’t have put it better myself…

Dear Terrorists, Merry Christmas! Love, YouTube

There’s a lovely new video out called “The Mujahideen Don’t Target Muslims.”  Yeah,
right, whatever you say Adam.)   It’s put out by the terrorists over at As-Sahab (the media wing of Al Qaeda, in case you didn’t know) but that doesn’t stop YouTube from hosting it so that it can be embedded free of charge for all the little jihadis all over the world to get jacked up about.   On December 16, Ronin called for a little YouTube Smackdown and so of course I had to check it out.  One of the posts he had was from a YouTuber named wafathunqareeb – it turns out he has uploaded the 3-part series by the US-born Taliban traitor Adam Gadahn about the Muj not targeting muslims.  He also has a couple other videos, and the one that caught my eye was titled “US & Allies Are Loosing War  in Afghanistan & Iraq.”

The video is full of images of wounded coalition troops, burned out vehicles and other scenes of war — I took some screen caps, but I don’t want to post them.  You’ll notice that across the top of the screen it says “This video may not be suitable for minors.”   This is proof positive that someone at YouTube has been notified of this videos existence and yet deemed it within the TOS of YouTube.  And it may not be “suitable for minors,” but look who it is most popular with….

When I looked at the statistics for this video, I saw a bunch of interesting links.  It looks like the guy has multiple websites.

I decided to check them out (of course) and share my findings with you.   The first stop was the YouTuber’s own site – it appears that there are two and that they are virtually a mirror of one another.   Oh — and all rights are reserved to Muslims. Mmmm-kay….

Here he’s embedded the American Traitor Adam Gadahn video from Ronin’s post….

And the one that caught my eye…

The videos are followed by all kinds of “news” stories about Mujahideen operations, etc.

There was a link at the top of the page to his (?) blog….

Yes, I clicked.

This text was over in the sidebar section….

And this was the first post on the site…

This is a statement from the Taliban which can be found at many terrorist sites all around the ‘net.   It’s posted on the guy’s blog — the same blog to which YouTube is supplying free internet services.  Ronin took this one apart pretty handily over at Jawas:

OK. So
fasiq Mujahid, was he killed point blank or tortured mercilessly
to death? One sound(s) quick and the other sounds long. Please get back

Thanks. Also, Haji Badshah Khan, was that the same Badshah Khan from Bak
who is an Afghan warlord and has fought the Taliban in the past?

There’s more at the link.

But that’s not all — there are several other stories posted…

So who are the “reporters” here anyway?  I decided to check them out…

One of the videos at this terrorist blog was named “Suicide Operation of Shahada – Shaykh Al-Albani.”  There were English subtitles, so I figured that this video was made for an English speaking audience.

Here was the message presented on the video, in case you’re curious like I was…

operations or Shahada

Shaykh Al-Albani

Questioner – In modern warfare there is something called commandos or
suicide groups

Shaykh – Yes.

(Questioner)  There could be enemy forces that cause harm to
the muslims

Therefore they setup a commando group of suicide group that place bombs

And they blow up the enemy tanks, what is the rulling (sic) of this and
is it suicide?

(Shaykh) No, suicide is when you kill yourself to get rid of your
terrible life

But what you are asking about is not suicide

In fact it is Jihad in the way of Allah

You must take note here

That this must not be done out of your own accord

This should be done by the order of the army general

…If the general is able to scarifice this soldier

And he sees that this action will kill many of the disbelievers

Then the final word is to him and you must obey him

Even if you dont (sic) want to, you must obey the order

(Questioner) – There is no harm?

(Shaykh) – No harm.

Because we don’t call this suicide

Suicide is one of the biggest forbidden actions in Islam

No one commits it except that they are angry with their lord, denying
Allah’s fate for him.

We seek refuge in Allah

But the soldier he is similar to the salaf that used to attack

A large group of disbelievers

With nothing but his sword untill (sic) death meets him.

And he is patient and firm because he believes that he is looking for

There is a great difference between who dies in this Jihadi way

And who commits suicide to rid himself of his life,

Or if a person did it out of his own accord

Because this goes under throwing oneself in destruction.

If the army general knows the battlefield and its reality

And all the affecting factors

Then this is an action which is encouraged.

This particular video has been around, it appears.   Some very interesting sites are using YouTube’s free hosting services to share it.  And again, look who this video appeals to.

is quite an interesting site.  Mujahideen operations reports, videos, martyrdom operation reports, statements from the Taliban – you name it, they’ve got it.

So how about another forum — Islamic Awakening sounds, um, intriguing.

Muslim4life101 asks a quesiton about suicide attacks and if they are legit, and it’s immediately followed up by a responder who posts the Al-Albani video.

On a positive note, it appears that the other site that had linked to the video has closed up shop — possibly PWND?  We can only hope.

And of course I had to click the facebook links to see what I could see. Too bad I can’t see in what context this guy posted the video, but  like it says, I (or any terrorist in the making) could “Send Khalid a Message” and ask him, just  like anyone can at YouTube. We have heard that the five Americans Jihadi wannabees who were detained in Pakistan met on YouTube and communicated both at YouTube and at Facebook.   The videos that were hosted at YouTube were part of the recipe that encouraged their radicalization.

How long will it be before YouTube takes responsibility for what it’s helping to do to our country?   It would probably help if we didn’t have a President who is more worried about reaching out to the young men than prosecuting them, but that’s most
likely above his pay grade.  Meanwhile terrorists continue to use free services of YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks hosted in the United States in order to wage war on our country and kill our countrymen who are trying to free the common people from the stranglehold of terrorism.  YouTube needs to get a clue.  Or a lawsuit.


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