FoxNews’ affiliate in Philadelphia interviewed homeland security expert Jack Tomarchio…

Jack addressed the fact that an increasing amount of Americans are being recuited by terrorists to train in countries such as Pakistan.    The internet is playing a major role is recruitment – just take a look at  ‘Jihad Jane’.

Jack stated, “There are 9,000 jihadi websites right now and it is very hard to stop these things.”

When asked what we, the citizens should do to protect ourselves and our cities, he said, “We do not need to be paranoid, we need to be watchful.”

But really,  isn’t it more than that?  It would have been helpful for the interview to continue with information on what to do if you think that you have information on a terrorist or terrorist-to-be.  There are steps here and  here for what to do with information you may have.

Notify local police.  Notify the FBI.  Notify Homeland Security.  These agencies are trained and sometimes your piece of the puzzle may seem insignificant, but added together with other pieces a true picture may emerge.

It’s going to take more than simply “watching” what’s going on – you need to act.