Rabbit Trail #3

YouTube accounts associated with SalafiMedia.com and Anjem Choudary


islam4uk <– Official Channel

TheIslamicPath <–possibly, but not positively


abuqital <–shows his website as being SalafiMedia.com


Target-rich environments, people.  You know what to do!

Rabbit Trail #4

YouTube searches of related names/organizations

YT list on search Ghurabaa

YT list on search – The Saved Sect

Again – some lovely targets there!


Backstory from UNDhimmi.  UNDhimmi also gave us this tip:

Al Ghurabaa is a splinter group of Al-Muhajiroun and disseminates materials that glorify acts of terrorism.

Note: The [British] Government laid an Order in January 2010 which provides that Al Muhajiroun, Islam4UK, Call to Submission, Islamic Path and London School of Sharia should be treated as alternative names for the organisation which is already proscribed under the names Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect.

In other words, these names are all synonymous with terrorism.  The name I recognized most readily of that group was Islam4UK.


H/T and thanks for the help going out to  UNDhimmi and Andrea.