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Who’s at YouTube’s controls today?

Looks like someone who is paying attention for once — 3 big ones are down today.




Sort of makes you wonder what’s going on.  Don’t get me wrong – these guys should be closed down – but why today, all at once?  Veeeeery interesting indeed.

Update:  Maybe a WWW Terrorism Shift?

Taliban-YouTube Connection part 2

Part 1 is here.


I went back and flagged again today – each of the 7 Taliban YouTube videos that were linked on the terrorist website.

I added a new message to YouTube as follows…

Hat tip to Sith Master Rusty @ The Jawa Report for wording on these flags!  So let’s see — 9 videos x $250K each — that’s  $2.25 MILLION dollars.  For that kind of dough you would think that even Google/YouTube would take notice.  *crickets*

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