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I’m baaaaack!

Some of my readers may know that I work with a group called Proud Patriots packing care packages for the troops several times a year. We had a MAJOR event with a major corporate sponsor on Wednesday in which we packed about 1300-1400 care packages. The group was packing another 6-700 on Thursday after we left. There will be a LOT of happy soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in a week or so when those packages arrive! As soon as there’s an official news source story that I can link here, I’ll post it.

And there were lots of happy people who had many, many positive shout outs of support for our heroes in camo’s — we love you guys and gals. You’re what makes our country great! Thank you for everything!!

What the heck am I doing here – I’m not a blogger!

I am unabashedly pro-military, pro-America. I do not apologize for that. If you don’t like it, too bad. I’m sick and tired of the enemedia’s drive-by troop bashing. This blog is my response.

And to my military heroes out there (that’s all of you who get up everyday and “just do your job”) – thank you and may God bless you and give you safety and success in your mission!

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