It seems that Shahzad told a US Attorney that he intended to keep blowing stuff up until he was either dead or caught.

Mr. Bharara’s office also revealed that Mr. Shahzad told the authorities after his arrest on May 3 that he planned to detonate a second bomb in New York City two weeks later, and was prepared to conduct more attacks until he was captured or killed, the document shows.

The story reveals a little more about his ties to the Taliban as well.

It said that in the period leading up to the bombing attempt, Mr. Shahzad stayed in regular contact with the Taliban over the Internet, using software programs the Taliban installed on his laptop computer while he was training with them in Pakistan. The programs were not identified.

He communicated with his Taliban associates about the bomb he was building and the Nissan Pathfinder he had bought, as well as other topics, the government said.

Sentencing is Tuesday.  That was fast, eh?