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They love me! They really, really love me!

Well folks, it appears I have made the list of folks who are being flagged by the islamo-loonies atFacebook.  And my crime?  I joined the facebook group “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”  It appears that RevolutionMuslim terrorist-wannabe Zackie-boy‘s right-hand-woman-welfare-chick-lawyer Linda G. Richards aka Taliba al-Quran aka Free Detainee thinks that those who would openly join a facebook group are somehow also trying to infiltrate a hirabist Facebook group.  Or something.  (Careful Zack – wifey might get jealous of you hanging out with such powerful women!)  Linda’s powers of logic and debate rival those of Vizzini in the movie Princess Bride. Just wait ’til she gets going! No doubt she’ll make an excellent lawyer! *cough*

Seriously – this woman is a looney bird of highest order.  She is living on welfare – that means your tax dollars and mine are supporting her lazy butt while she spends her busy, busy days flagging our facebook pages and circulating this stuff.  I think RevMuslim should get a refund on the law advice they are getting from this moron. Just saying.

H/T The Jawa Report and Stable of the Zionist Hores & Zionist Pimp #5.

FINALLY! A moderate Muslim against the Ground Zero mosque

Credit where credit’s due — I have asked several times where are the moderate Muslims standing up against radical Islamic terrorist agendas and here’s one…

Dr. Jasser has my respect.  I hope he has a bodyguard.  There will be some RevolutionMuslims who won’t be too happy with him I’d think.  I wonder how long it will be until they post a “warning” to him with the picture of a dead kaffir?  Anyone want to take bets?

And as for the question posed toward the end…who would fund it?  Now that’s an interesting one.  We DEFINITELY need transparency on that — and I mean three and four levels deep.

H/T Huff Watcher.

One less RevolutionMuslim polluting YouTube

AlQuranWaAlAhadeeth was linked all over RevolutionMuslim’s website.  I know they have mirror channels at YouTube.  Don’t worry Zachieboy — we’ll get them too.  Eventually.  No rest for the wicked.

Zach & wife do not luv America

Well there’s a shocker!  The brat who calls death upon people who disagree with him doesn’t really care for living in a place that is all about individual freedom and responsibility.

“I do what I can with the time that I have, but I do not necessarily tell people I am affiliated with Revolution Muslim unless it serves some purpose,” Al-Amrikee said. “We do not encourage Muslims to remain in the West and we do not plan on doing it either. If immigration laws were not such a pain, then I would not be here right now.

I’m sorry, but the irony of that statement just has me laughing!  It’s so spoiled rich white kid.  “I want to be a big bad terrorist extremist, but that would mean I’d have to actually get off my lazy rich white butt and DO something, so I’ll just sit here and whine and incite violence from others!”  Real smooth there, Zach!  I suppose you want your jihad handed to you on a silver platter!  What a joke you are!

I also find it incredibly amusing that other wannabes would take orders from a one semester college dropout loser.   I question the intelligence of anyone who would listen to this flunkie’s exhortations and take them seriously.

All that said, I believe your average normal Muslim in America sees Zach pretty much as I do — just another loser working for his 15 minutes of fame.

Also I’m wondering — what’s the likelihood that Zach and wife would be permitted to travel out of the country at this point, considering the activities in which they have been involved?  Anyone have the over/under on that?

H/T Celebrimbor.

Zach’s Twitter Fan Club

They sure do luv him!

From around the ‘net…

Zach is Jewish?  Ha!  Funny thought.

And well, I haven’t had time to vet this information, so I’m just linking it here in case anyone has time to dig into it — I don’t have the time right now.   I may be able to get back to it later.  There is some evidence that points to Zach running in the same circles as Syed Hashmi, the convicted terrorist.  Zach’s beard is way uglier though.  I’d love to ask Umm Talhah how she can stand that nasty thing.

Zach does too live with momma. Neener neener!

Reportedly He-who-wishes-gain-fame-by-threatening-South-Park-Creators Zach has been trying to clean up his image around the net by claiming that he does not live with momma.

Unnamed sources have, however, confirmed that this is a lie (taqiyah much?).  Hey Zach – dude – man up.  We know where your mail is delivered.

Looking for a link to his claims now.

Update: no link needed — he (or one of his apologists) has posted it here. in the comments to this post.  Other postings by the same poster can be seen by clicking here.


It appears that FoxNews is now saying that Zackie boy doesn’t live with mommy.  (Do note that this statement is from him momma — and I wouldn’t want anyone to think he lived with me either if I were her.)

[UPDATE: In the original publication of this article on April 23, it was reported that Chesser lives with his mother, brother, wife and son in Centreville. Chesser’s mother, Barbara Chesser, says her son, daughter-in-law and grandson live in another town in Fairfax County. She says that her son has not lived with her since August 2008 and that her daughter-in-law and grandson have never lived with her.]

I find it absolutely hysterical that truthbenntold2u was so worked up about THAT (see the comments on this post) when the brat is running around “warning” people that they are gonna die for drawing a picture of big Mo.  What a joke you are!  Have you contacted your buddy Zackie boy to tell him he shouldn’t be posting threats on the internet?

As my source is NOT FoxNews, I do stand by the statement that I know where he lives.  I have not posted that address, and have no plans to do so.  Not that that should really matter to anyone since he had no qualms about posting the address of the men he was “warning.”

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