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Splodey-dope Faisal Shazad (aka Times Square Bomber) update

It seems that Shahzad told a US Attorney that he intended to keep blowing stuff up until he was either dead or caught.

Mr. Bharara’s office also revealed that Mr. Shahzad told the authorities after his arrest on May 3 that he planned to detonate a second bomb in New York City two weeks later, and was prepared to conduct more attacks until he was captured or killed, the document shows.

The story reveals a little more about his ties to the Taliban as well.

It said that in the period leading up to the bombing attempt, Mr. Shahzad stayed in regular contact with the Taliban over the Internet, using software programs the Taliban installed on his laptop computer while he was training with them in Pakistan. The programs were not identified.

He communicated with his Taliban associates about the bomb he was building and the Nissan Pathfinder he had bought, as well as other topics, the government said.

Sentencing is Tuesday.  That was fast, eh?

American Terrorists

Was doing some research for Internet Antropologist and found this very informative article.

We (and that’s a collective “we” including many different people and many different websites) have been saying this for a LONG time.  The violent postings of terrorist wannabe’s on the internet need to be taken seriously.  That’s why we’re so adamant that YouTube, Facebook and other social networks abide by their posted TOS.  The less outlets the terrorists have to congregate in, the more likely than can be caught.

Jihad’s Ugly American Face

…On July 10, Chesser was barred from boarding a flight New York to Uganda. According to an affidavit filed in the case, he admitted his intention was to travel to Somalia to fight for al-Shabaab. Chesser also said he brought his infant son with him as a cover “to avoid detection of his intention to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia,” the affidavit said.

Brachman calls would-be terrorists who graduated from posting jihadist rhetoric on the Internet to attempting to carry it out “jihobbyists.”

It is a fallacy to believe that such people don’t constitute a security threat. “There are so many [jihadists] that have a big online footprint before they go violent,” Brachman told the IPT.

For example, Faisal Shahzad, who pled guilty in the May Times Square plot, reportedly blogged on jihadist websites dating back to 2006. Hasan corresponded with Awlaki and other radicals via the Internet prior to the Fort Hood killings. Colleen LaRose, AKA “Jihad Jane,” posted frequently in favor of jihad prior to her arrest on charges of providing material support to terrorism and plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist for depicting the prophet Muhammad.

The trend of American jihadists moving from advocacy to armed violence is likely to accelerate. For years, jihadists had accepted the concept that some of them would engage in violence while others could help with online advocacy, Brachman said. But he senses that this outlook is shifting dramatically. The turning point was a December 30 suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan which killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian official. The bomber was Humam al-Balawi, a double agent and a prolific jihadist blogger.

“That was a definitive moment for how jihobbyists thought of themselves,” Brachman told the IPT. In the wake of Balawi’s suicide attack, “the new mindset we’ve seen is that it’s no longer acceptable just to support violent jihad online.”

Jihad using the Internet and social media is now regarded “as a staging ground and not an end in itself,” Brachman said.

Go read the entire thing – it’s a who’s who of American terrorists.  And how they got there.

YouTube: Boobies can’t be used to make fun of terrorists

So YouTube definitely has issues.  A friend put together this funny video – a Nasheed actually – which is nothing more than an Islamic song.  But see, the muslims like their Nasheeds to praise things like, oh, Mujahideen, Taliban, other violent stuff like that.  My friend wanted to praise boobies!  All hail boobies!  The funny thing is, the original video is on YouTube here, but when my friend added a terrorist flag at the beginning (which he borrowed from other videos at YouTube) and and called it a Nasheed, it got taken down by YouTube.  And lest you think that it was the terrorist flag that did it, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of videos with terrorist flags and they don’t get taken down.  So here’s the offending video, hosted at another site, complete with terrorist flags.

So what can we take away from this?

Does a terrorist flag or logo get a video removed from YouTube?  No.

Do boobies get a video removed from YouTube? No.

Does poking fun at terrorists get your video removed from YouTube?  Absolutely.

Hey YouTube – we know what side you’re on.  Traitors.

Addendum:  Just to belabor the point a little, the video removed from YouTube was not used to poke fun at muslims.  It was poking fun at terrorists.  Peace-loving muslims would not be watching a video with a terrorist flag/logo on it, therefore peace-loving muslims would not be offended by it.  The people who would be offended by this juxtaposition of images are TERRORISTS and TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS.

Taliban-YouTube Connection part 2

Part 1 is here.


I went back and flagged again today – each of the 7 Taliban YouTube videos that were linked on the terrorist website.

I added a new message to YouTube as follows…

Hat tip to Sith Master Rusty @ The Jawa Report for wording on these flags!  So let’s see — 9 videos x $250K each — that’s  $2.25 MILLION dollars.  For that kind of dough you would think that even Google/YouTube would take notice.  *crickets*

YouTube: Taliban Video Host of Choice

So today, by all accounts, the Taliban are having a rough day.  Not only are our Marines knocking on their door, but the Taliban website is down, as is  Almost make me feel sorry for them.  Ha!

It looks like the rest of the world is getting pretty serious about taking down the Taliban and cutting off their internet web hosting, but not good old YouTube.  Why, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) even have their own channel. Isn’t that sweet of YouTube to host the videos for the Taliban, so that they can share them on their terrorist websites?

The Taliban channel has 9 videos uploaded.   Here, 7 of them are linked from the terrorist website:

Here’s the first one at YouTube:

I decided that tonight I would flag the 7 videos that are linked at the terrorist website, and give YouTube the link to show them how they are aiding and abetting the enemy.

I flagged each of the seven videos with the same information.  As always, the ball is in YouTube’s court.  Let’s see how they play it.

Forgive us while we laugh mirthlessly…

So the American Taliban traitor Adam Gadahn says that the muj don’t target muslims.    Yeah….right….

LINK courtesy of Internet Anthropologist, who has a great piece regarding 400 Secret REAL Islamic Muhaheddin Martyrs.

U.S. Company Covering for the Taliban (Most likely without their knowledge)

Usually in these posts I show you how YouTube is helping the terrorists by allowing them server space for their enemy propaganda at no charge.  Today, however, I’m going to show you how a different U.S. company is helping the Taliban hide their information by being a proxy domain holder for the official Taliban website, the Voice of Jihad (link is anonymized.)

First – the evidence of terror-supporting activities on this site —  when you first open the site, you’ll notice a scrolling graphic of military members (mostly U.S. and British)  who have been killed by the terrorist Taliban, and a list of “news” items which consist of propaganda pieces.

Then there are articles like this one:

And this:

Pure, unadulterated enemy propaganda.

And then there’s the Eid Mubarak address from leader Mullah Omar in which he declares:

This is a farce weapon in the hands of your rulers under the colonialist pretext of fight against terrorism. Thus they want to throw dust into the eyes of people. It is the demand of your conscience and moral duty to raise your voice for the prevention of this savagery…

(H/T Rusty at Jawa Report)

The information for The Voice of Jihad is:

The U.S. based company, Active Domains, is holding the domain for the Taliban by proxy.  To be fair, they most likely do not know that this website is the Taliban – they probably hold hundreds of website domains by proxy and I’m sure have not checked into each and every one of them.  At their site, they have their TOS posted, which include this portion:

By registering a name or applying for services you also represent that the statements in its application are true and you also represent that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

As you can see, the only contact information on the whois registration is  I sent them an email on Friday, and would encourage you to do the same.

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