Usually in these posts I show you how YouTube is helping the terrorists by allowing them server space for their enemy propaganda at no charge.  Today, however, I’m going to show you how a different U.S. company is helping the Taliban hide their information by being a proxy domain holder for the official Taliban website, the Voice of Jihad (link is anonymized.)

First – the evidence of terror-supporting activities on this site —  when you first open the site, you’ll notice a scrolling graphic of military members (mostly U.S. and British)  who have been killed by the terrorist Taliban, and a list of “news” items which consist of propaganda pieces.

Then there are articles like this one:

And this:

Pure, unadulterated enemy propaganda.

And then there’s the Eid Mubarak address from leader Mullah Omar in which he declares:

This is a farce weapon in the hands of your rulers under the colonialist pretext of fight against terrorism. Thus they want to throw dust into the eyes of people. It is the demand of your conscience and moral duty to raise your voice for the prevention of this savagery…

(H/T Rusty at Jawa Report)

The information for The Voice of Jihad is:

The U.S. based company, Active Domains, is holding the domain for the Taliban by proxy.  To be fair, they most likely do not know that this website is the Taliban – they probably hold hundreds of website domains by proxy and I’m sure have not checked into each and every one of them.  At their site, they have their TOS posted, which include this portion:

By registering a name or applying for services you also represent that the statements in its application are true and you also represent that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

As you can see, the only contact information on the whois registration is  I sent them an email on Friday, and would encourage you to do the same.