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Chilling insight into Jihad Jane aka Fatima LaRose aka Colleen LaRose

So here’s an interesting bit – this is from YouTube user FuryofMsMarvel‘s  YouTube channel background…  You need to start at the bottom of the image and read up – it’s the way YouTube’s comments work – newest at the top.  The story is that there was a YouTube user named MuslimahoftheCentury who was a 16 year old girl and was what we would call a moderate muslim.  Colleen’s boyfriend (or someone she wanted as her boyfriend),  MujahidFilKilafah, threatened to slit the girl’s throat because she was moderate.  Youtube user TheTruthPrevail99 was concerned for her his friend, Fatima aka Colleen,  and confronted her about MujahidFilKilafah’s actions.  Colleen’s response was pretty chilling.  Keep in mind that Colleen fashioned herself as a mother figure to the muslim community on YouTube, encouraging them in jihad.  Start reading at the bottom….

Again, thetruthprevail99 is a friend of Colleen/Fatimah.
Thetruthprevail99  is taking Colleen/Fatimah to task because Colleen/Fatima’s boyfriend threatened to slit the throat of MuslimahofTheCentury, a 16 year old moderate muslim, for the crime of being moderate.
Thetruthprevail99 posted Colleen/Fatimah’s response to thetruthprevail99’s complaint against the boyfriend in which Colleen/Fatimah defends her boyfriend for his threat.
thetruthprevail then states that he is not posting this to spread fitnah on her(meaning “to persecute” her), but because he and his fiance fight against people who misuse the Koran for their own “lusts.”

Really there’s not much to say about that.  She defends violence against even other muslims because she loooooves her terrorist boyfriend.  Like I have said many times, the ones we call “violent” or “bad muslims” or “extremists” believe that moderation is evil and are willing to kill those that we would see as “peaceful” muslims.  They quote MANY sources from the Koran to back up their positions.  The truth is, any Islamist will become a violent “extremist” given the right motivation.  Fortunately for us, according to the “extremists,” many of them don’t know their own religion’s teachings.

God help us if they start figuring it out.

Meanwhile, it appears that Colleen is singing like the proverbial canary.  That chick must have a lot of tales to tell!

Edited:  it appears from the image above that thetruthprevail99 is a male named “Mike.”

Edit #2:  Still confused?  Read the comments for the nutshell version in better English…

YouTube Smackdown on Fox & Friends

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