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Republican vs. Democrat Women

Sent to me by a friend.  (Thanks Terri!)  As you’re watching the first half about Republican women, ask yourself what song they will play for the Democrats…

‘Nuff said!

The truth about Harry Potter

No – not THAT Harry Potter —  this one:

From Israpundit via Noah Simon Studio:

I just love how the Associated Press, (especially in Israel, where the AP notoriously only hires arab reporters but never reveals their names in a byline) has reported that Harry Potter was “killed in battle with an armed band in 1939,” but doesn’t go further to report that that “armed band” were arab terrorists who murdered Harry Potter in cold blood.

As an aside to the legions of the great unwashed out there–this is before their was a modern country called “Israel.” At that time, that the British were still using the Ottoman title “Palestine” for Israel, and the Jews were the “Palestinians” then. Despite the fact that Israel did not exist, the arabs were killing Jews and “peacekeepers” like Harry Potter. So, all those arguments that “the arabs are fighting against Israel because of the ‘occupation’” are pure rubbish and outright lies.

But I’m sure the media won’t let the facts get in the way of a good story….

YouTube <3 Terrorists!

The members of the group loosely known as “YouTube Smackdown” have been kicking around a lot of ideas lately.  We have noticed that when the heat gets turned up at YT (as in the recent complaint filed by the Brits for YT’s hosting of Al Awlaki videos that inspired the stabbing of one of their finest) YT responds by taking a couple videos down here and there, then retiring to their fainting couch because it’s Oh! So hard to do all that work and how could we expect them to?

We started noticing the ads that are posted at YouTube adjacent to the videos of the Hamas terrorist lovers and Mujahideen worshipers and Taliban wannabes and we had to wonder — do all those advertisers realize that their brand is being associated with this kind of content?  I seriously doubt it.  Most companies are very careful about their brand and their logo being protected.  A friend put together a video to demonstrate:

So what to do?  Maybe contacting some of the companies whose videos are on the channels of these creeps would be a good place to start.  Google/YouTube doesn’t seem to understand anything but the dollar.  Maybe if they lost revenue because of the content they are hosting they’d get a little more serious about what’s there.  But I won’t hold my breath.

Kudos to the citizens of Harrisonville, MO!

Way to go Harrisonville, MO!

From KCCI:

There was a brief scuffle Tuesday morning between members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church and hundreds of people who turned out to support the family of a Missouri soldier killed in action, reported KMBC in Kansas City.


Jacob Carver, 20, was killed recently by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. His funeral is being held Tuesday in Harrisonville, Mo..Many people said they were attending Carver’s funeral to block protesters from the Topeka, Kan., church.

There appeared to have been some shoving between some of the protesters and church members. Police were able to break up the incident. At one point, the van belonging to Westboro members was surrounded. But they were able to leave the area without any further confrontation.

And that’s how we take out the trash!

To the family and friends of Jacob Carver – prayers and thoughts coming your way.  Jacob is a hero.  May God grant you comfort and peace.

Zackie Boy wins an award

2010 Dumbass of the Year

And the runner up?  Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita.

Two years ago, in 2008, when he was in his senior year at Oakton HS, he supposedly started dating a Muslim woman and started getting into it. But much like other psychopaths and sociopaths of his ilk, he didn’t do it reasonably. He went from 0-to-120 in less than two years, from being not interested in Islam at all to advocating war against non-Muslims.

Go read it all – good stuff.  A warning for some of my more sensitive readers – language is dicey, but hilarious.

Gadahn Arrested?? Oh wait…bummer.

I have google alerts on any number of subjects, and this one came today….

American Born Al Qaeda Terrorist named Adam Gadahn Arrested in
By admin
American Born Al Qaeda Terrorist named Adam Gadahn Arrested in Pakistan Adam Gadahn an American born operative for al-Qaida has.
Watch Pakistani Videos –

Was getting a little excited until I clicked thru and found out it was the old story – again.  Bummer.    Someday he will be nabbed.  And it will be a good day!

Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita will find out just how fun Uganda is after all!

And it looks like she’s most likely going alone, although I have not been able to turn up information on what the custody status of her son is.  I would sincerely hope that her parents get custody – I can only imagine what kind of upbringing he would have at her hand!   I’m still on the fence about her deportation.  I’d prefer that she cool her niqab covered face in a Federal Penitentiary like her super-smart hubby will be doing.  Isn’t sending her to Uganda like sending her to do what she wanted to do in the first place? I will be interested to read the details of her deportation hearing early next year.

I keep reading that her father is a diplomat.  I’ve been digging around and found the man who I believe is her father – if someone has info to the contrary, I welcome it!  Anyway – it looks like he’s an Engineer of many years experience and has spoken to the UN on behalf of the African Development Bank. It’s interesting to me that the press picked up on “Diplomat” but not “Engineer.”

Like I’ve said before, I feel for her parents, but I hope Proscovia gets the fullest extent of punishment afforded by the law.  Same goes for Zackie boy.

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