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Jimmy Carter the traitor is ill

“The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer”
-Theodore Roosevelt


CLEVELAND (AP) – An airport spokeswoman in Cleveland says Jimmy Carter was taken off a plane by rescue crews and taken to a hospital.

Jackie Mayo, a spokeswoman at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, says the 85-year-old former president was a passenger on a Delta flight to Cleveland late Tuesday morning and became ill.

Mayo says she has no information on Carter’s symptoms. He was taken to MetroHealth Hospital, where a spokeswoman said no information was available.

Carter has been traveling to promote his new book, “White House Diary,” which was released last week. The website for Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cleveland says he was scheduled to appear at 1 p.m. Tuesday to sign and talk about the book.

This one’s a toughie for me.  I want him to shut up with his idiotic pro-Hamas anti-Israel blathering, but don’t necessarily rejoice in his illness. It’s tricky to be glad for justice, when you know you’re not perfect yourself.  But in my opinion, the man is a traitor to this country and so I am glad that he is at least temporarily unable to spread his bologna.

Update from

CLEVELAND (AP) – Former President Jimmy Carter, on a trip promoting his new book, developed an upset stomach on a flight to Cleveland anf was taken to a hospital for observation, officials said.

Carter was taken to MetroHealth Hospital, where he was resting comfortably, according to the Carter Center, his Atlanta-based think tank. The center said he is expected to resume his book tour this week.

Carter, 85, was a passenger on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Cleveland when he became ill. Upon landing, he was taken off the plane by rescue crews, said Jackie Mayo, a spokeswoman at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

More at the source.  I can understand his upset stomach.  If I was spouting all that traitorous hogwash I think I’d feel ill, too.

One less splodey dope littering the planet

Here are your virgins…

I think my first instinct was correct…

I said that I thought Jumanah Imad Albahri was lying when she said she didn’t support genocide.  Looks like I was correct.

From Jawas, an update on the muslimah Hamas supporter who questioned David Horowitz:

Update on MSA UCSD Muslimah: Death To Israel and previous Muslim Students Association Member Tells David Horowitz She Supports Genocide Against Jews…

Meet Jumanah Imad Albahri who doesn’t quite have Taqiyya (lying for the sake of Islam) down yet. Reading her blog doesn’t jive with what I posted earlier, video of her speaking to Horowitz plus screenshot of her comment on “The Something Awful Forums” where she stated “Death to Israel”. Which she is denying now.

More at Jawas — and apparently she’s lurking there to see what’s being said about her.   They all do that – they just can’t stay away. Must be something in their ego-maniacal  narcissistic existence that makes them keep checking back in, multiple times a day, hoping that they are being mentioned.  Either that or they are worried that their terrorist supporting activities are being revealed and they need to get their taqiyyah right.

Hi Zach!

YouTube: Boobies can’t be used to make fun of terrorists

So YouTube definitely has issues.  A friend put together this funny video – a Nasheed actually – which is nothing more than an Islamic song.  But see, the muslims like their Nasheeds to praise things like, oh, Mujahideen, Taliban, other violent stuff like that.  My friend wanted to praise boobies!  All hail boobies!  The funny thing is, the original video is on YouTube here, but when my friend added a terrorist flag at the beginning (which he borrowed from other videos at YouTube) and and called it a Nasheed, it got taken down by YouTube.  And lest you think that it was the terrorist flag that did it, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of videos with terrorist flags and they don’t get taken down.  So here’s the offending video, hosted at another site, complete with terrorist flags.

So what can we take away from this?

Does a terrorist flag or logo get a video removed from YouTube?  No.

Do boobies get a video removed from YouTube? No.

Does poking fun at terrorists get your video removed from YouTube?  Absolutely.

Hey YouTube – we know what side you’re on.  Traitors.

Addendum:  Just to belabor the point a little, the video removed from YouTube was not used to poke fun at muslims.  It was poking fun at terrorists.  Peace-loving muslims would not be watching a video with a terrorist flag/logo on it, therefore peace-loving muslims would not be offended by it.  The people who would be offended by this juxtaposition of images are TERRORISTS and TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS.

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