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American Terrorists

Was doing some research for Internet Antropologist and found this very informative article.

We (and that’s a collective “we” including many different people and many different websites) have been saying this for a LONG time.  The violent postings of terrorist wannabe’s on the internet need to be taken seriously.  That’s why we’re so adamant that YouTube, Facebook and other social networks abide by their posted TOS.  The less outlets the terrorists have to congregate in, the more likely than can be caught.

Jihad’s Ugly American Face

…On July 10, Chesser was barred from boarding a flight New York to Uganda. According to an affidavit filed in the case, he admitted his intention was to travel to Somalia to fight for al-Shabaab. Chesser also said he brought his infant son with him as a cover “to avoid detection of his intention to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia,” the affidavit said.

Brachman calls would-be terrorists who graduated from posting jihadist rhetoric on the Internet to attempting to carry it out “jihobbyists.”

It is a fallacy to believe that such people don’t constitute a security threat. “There are so many [jihadists] that have a big online footprint before they go violent,” Brachman told the IPT.

For example, Faisal Shahzad, who pled guilty in the May Times Square plot, reportedly blogged on jihadist websites dating back to 2006. Hasan corresponded with Awlaki and other radicals via the Internet prior to the Fort Hood killings. Colleen LaRose, AKA “Jihad Jane,” posted frequently in favor of jihad prior to her arrest on charges of providing material support to terrorism and plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist for depicting the prophet Muhammad.

The trend of American jihadists moving from advocacy to armed violence is likely to accelerate. For years, jihadists had accepted the concept that some of them would engage in violence while others could help with online advocacy, Brachman said. But he senses that this outlook is shifting dramatically. The turning point was a December 30 suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan which killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian official. The bomber was Humam al-Balawi, a double agent and a prolific jihadist blogger.

“That was a definitive moment for how jihobbyists thought of themselves,” Brachman told the IPT. In the wake of Balawi’s suicide attack, “the new mindset we’ve seen is that it’s no longer acceptable just to support violent jihad online.”

Jihad using the Internet and social media is now regarded “as a staging ground and not an end in itself,” Brachman said.

Go read the entire thing – it’s a who’s who of American terrorists.  And how they got there.

Zachary Chesser, Anwar Al-Awlaki and YouTube: Ah! Symbiosis!

I have been extremely busy with a bunch of personal stuff and haven’t had time to write.  I was actually taking a break with a pal last night and missed an interesting – and oh! so sweet! – bit of  news which I would normally have seen at the Jawa Report, but I got on email from a friend late last night.  It seems that RevolutionMuslim‘s South Park threatener Zachie-boy Chesser,  using his infant son as camouflage (what a typical terrorist thing to do huh?) tried to board a flight to Uganda with an ultimate goal of reaching Somalia to train and fight with al-Shabaab, which has ties to Al Qaeda.  There goes his “Father of the Year” award!

Apparently Zach has been ostracized by his family because of his extreme views and one report said that he had earlier tried to follow this path with his wifey Umm Talhah, but HER mommy stole her passport to prevent it.

His first attempt to join al-Shabab came in November, when he planned to travel with his wife to Kenya and make his way to Somalia, possibly by speedboat. But Chesser wrote in his journal – which he described as a “real-life ‘how-to guide’ on how to reach the fields of jihad” – that his mother-in-law took his wife’s passport and wouldn’t give it back, thwarting his plans.

I cannot tell you how funny I found that!  The big-man-on-campus Zachie, foiled by his mother-in-law!  (Go MOM!!!) Sounds like THAT would make an excellent South Park episode, doesn’t it?  This boy is a traitor of the first degree.  Let’s hope that the U.S. government gives him the proper punishment for being one.

The most disturbing part of the story to me is this – Zachie had had contact with none other the Al-Awlaki, the radical cleric who was recently added to the U.N.’s “Terror List” and is on the wanted dead or alive U.S. terror list.  Awlaki is in Yemen (reportedly.)  Just how would a cowardly cleric who won’t commit violence himself but incites others be able to influence a college aged kid who lives in Virginia?   The quick answer is “the internet:”

The terrorism-related charges against two Americans, both devotees of Mr. Awlaki, are part of a marked increase in homegrown extremism in the United States, often influenced by radical material on the Internet.

But no one seems to want to delve into the exact way that this happens on the internet.  I’ve been posting about this for a few years, and the folks at Quoth the Raven and The Jawa Report (among others) have been after it for WAY longer!  A quick and simple primer for how it happens is this:  the terrorist’s video tape their radical cleric and then the production wing of Al-Qaeda or whatever terrorist group they are with edits the video.  They then upload their propaganda – usually to a big uploading site (like megaupload or RapidShare.)  A little dweebie terrorist wannabe like Zachie Boy then goes to that site and downloads the video, uploads it to YouTube for free and easy video hosting and then embeds it in his blog so that all the other dweebie little terrorist wannabe’s can see it and get all jazzed up for jihad!  Seriously – if you want to see the dots connected for you, look here.

So just how easy is it to find Awlaki’s videos at YouTube?  Click here to see search results at YouTube — or try this one.  These videos are uploaded daily by users like DEENONLINE and Safallah7.  In Awlaki’s most recent foray into inciting the wannabes, he urges Muslims in the U.S. to wage jihad against the government.  The guy is serious and we need to take him seriously, because it’s rather obvious that his target audience does by the actions that they take upon being influenced by him.

What is it going to take for YouTube to take seriously their responsibility in this process? The FReeRepublic group and others have been flagging videos like crazy and YouTube has begrudgingly removed one or two videos here and there.  It seems that it goes through cycles.  Something happens like the arrest of JihadJane or the attempted bombing of a airline flight to Detroit and for a while they are fairly responsive to flaggings.  Then they sort of devolve into apathy until the next thing comes along.  NOT ACCEPTABLE! YouTube is aiding and abetting terrorists and their ability to recruit all over the world.  It’s time for them to get more aggressive about removing this stuff from their servers and STAY that way.  We’re flagging – it’s time for YouTube to hold up their end of the “community policing” terms-of-use bargain.



Just a thought.  Umm-Talhah should be charged with child endangerment unless she reported Zachie-boy’s hairbrained scheme to take their son to the land of Shabaab-Jihad.  Hope the authorities are on their game and I also hope “Hag-in-the-Bag’s” MOM gets custody – sounds like she’s one smart lady.  (Thanks to Urban Infidel for the lovely nickname for Zachie-boy’s wifey and also for the picture.)

Faisal Shahzad

So here’s his facebook page…  UPDATE -There is some questiona s to whether this is the right facebook page — there are lots of guys who go by this name..  If anyone knows that this is DEFINITELY NOT him, please contact me.

His profile picture shows him in the spot where he would later park the Pathfinder….

More details as they come available. It will be interesting to see if Shahzad Fizzlepants has ties to RevolutionMuslim. If he does, Zackieboy needs to be prosecuted for inciting violence. I imagine that when they raided his home this morning they took his computer. I’m sure they will be looking to see what websites he’s been visiting, etc.

“This investigation is ongoing. It is multifaceted,” Holder said. “We will not rest until we have brought everyone responsible to justice.” He described the failed bombing as a “terrorist act” intended to kill Americans.

Are you getting worried yet, Zackie boy?

And for truthbeentold2u — I have this dude’s address too, but I’m not publishing it either. Neener neener!

H/T Lan Astaslem.

Zach’s Twitter Fan Club

They sure do luv him!

Now Zach’s gone and done it for sure!

Even Perez Hilton is pizzed!!!

While we understand the network’s decision was an effort to protect Matt and Trey, was it really the best idea to give into these despicable threats? It’ll only add fuel to their extremist fire.

Oh nooooooooooes!

Zach does too live with momma. Neener neener!

Reportedly He-who-wishes-gain-fame-by-threatening-South-Park-Creators Zach has been trying to clean up his image around the net by claiming that he does not live with momma.

Unnamed sources have, however, confirmed that this is a lie (taqiyah much?).  Hey Zach – dude – man up.  We know where your mail is delivered.

Looking for a link to his claims now.

Update: no link needed — he (or one of his apologists) has posted it here. in the comments to this post.  Other postings by the same poster can be seen by clicking here.


It appears that FoxNews is now saying that Zackie boy doesn’t live with mommy.  (Do note that this statement is from him momma — and I wouldn’t want anyone to think he lived with me either if I were her.)

[UPDATE: In the original publication of this article on April 23, it was reported that Chesser lives with his mother, brother, wife and son in Centreville. Chesser’s mother, Barbara Chesser, says her son, daughter-in-law and grandson live in another town in Fairfax County. She says that her son has not lived with her since August 2008 and that her daughter-in-law and grandson have never lived with her.]

I find it absolutely hysterical that truthbenntold2u was so worked up about THAT (see the comments on this post) when the brat is running around “warning” people that they are gonna die for drawing a picture of big Mo.  What a joke you are!  Have you contacted your buddy Zackie boy to tell him he shouldn’t be posting threats on the internet?

As my source is NOT FoxNews, I do stand by the statement that I know where he lives.  I have not posted that address, and have no plans to do so.  Not that that should really matter to anyone since he had no qualms about posting the address of the men he was “warning.”

Laughing. Out. Loud. (at Zachary Chesser)

I have been reading around the ‘net, and the comments posted toward this maroon in stories about him have me saying everything from “Oorah!” to literally laughing out loud.  Here’s a smattering…

From bigjournalism….

nolotrippen says

Nothing strikes terror into my heart as much as Cat Stevens impersonators wearing macrame shower caps.

di_da_is_alpha says:

I have to warn Zack Chesser that what he is doing is stupid and he will probably end up like Jimmy Hoffa if anything happens to Matt or Trey. Got that Zack, or Ali Booboo Yamma Parakeet or whatever it is you call yourself ?

and from jamesb:

THAT SILLY LOOKING PUNK backed off Comedy Central? That scrawny, furry, POSER CLOWN?

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! He looks like he’s flunking “Music Appreciation” at Grab Ass Community College.

He’s the BIG TOUGH Jihadist? (what’s the site called?) Shave-the-ass/


He should be working at the carwash hosing off greasy engines and getting drunk in the woods on Friday night.

Jihadist? LOL!!! I like to “jihad” his stupid looking ass all over the parking lot, then wipe bacon grease on his face. Geez.

From althouse

Titus says:

This ignorant, weak man boy needs to receive his punishment.

Liberals do not like Radical Muzzies FYI.

David says:

He was a loser before. This is just the current guise of his loserdom. That’s why it’s a mockery. He’s making a fashion statement.

The radical Muslim from Centerville. I can virtually assure you that this guy does not know shit about Islam.

But shame on us and particularly Comedy Central for letting this guy get 15 minutes of fame.

And at HuffPo, former writing home of Linda G. Richard who jumped the shark and went to RevolutionMuslim (where she proceeded to very vocally defend Colleen LaRosa aka Jihad Jane)….

puppymama says:

Don’t Ef with my prophets Trey and Matt.

do44oer says:

Why is blogspot continuing to operate and facilitate a terrorist blog?   (Good question!)

PackCat says:

Is that one of the virgins, or is he impersonating a Catholic Priest?

So from what I am seeing, the consensus even among the not-so-conservative sites seems to be that Zachary Adam Chesser is a loser, 1st class.  (I’m still laughing at the post calling him a Cat Stevens impersonator!  HA HA!)  Thanks for the laughs, Zac!

The other consensus seems to be that Comedy Central made a grave error in letting this little goat-bearded twit dictate what they will or will not post.  Moderate muslims, such as the few who have posted here at my blog, are even upset over that.  Of course, in Zach’s pretend brand of Islam, he believes the moderate muslim is no better than a kaffir.  So it’s really in their best interest to squash this way of thinking while they still can.  Here’s hoping that they can be heard.

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