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@IslamicJihadi depends on the Jews and Christians – Irony much?

Well, guess what?!  @IslamicJihadi has added the beautiful Brigitte Gabriel to her execution making dua for execution list.

So let’s see… Me, Pamela Geller, all Zionist bloggers, and Brigitte Gabriel.  I can’t believe she hasn’t added Michelle Malkin!  LOL  Seriously – what is it about going after women?  I guess that really shows how strong and brave these whiny-butt online hirabist wannabe’s really are. Lord knows Zachie-boy was a paragon of strength and determination. (insert pronounced eyeroll here)

What’s increasingly transparent and oh! so ironic is that a twit like @IslamicJihadi has to jump on the coattails of a lovely Jewess (Pamela Geller) and a gorgeous Lebanese Christian (Brigitte Gabriel) to try to get noticed.  The idiot can’t even get traction if it weren’t for the  people she hates!  Oh yeah – I am laughing my butt off about that!

Tough Girl IslamicJihadi

The twit is at it again today…

Here’s a message for islamicjihaditwit and her friend Nasser:

It’s one thing to run off at the mouth and sound big on the interwebs – quite another to be tough in real life. Just ask Zachary Chesser — he talked a big game on RevolutionMuslim and Mujahiblog and God only knows where else, but when he was arrested for giving assistance to a terrorist organization he folded like a cheap suit.

IslamicJihadi thinks she’s so tough going after me and Pam Geller. Nice. Take on a bunch of women. REAL tough girl, she is.

Even the Canadians are laughing!

“Burn A Koran” church leader on TV tonight

From LogansWarning:

For those that are interested you can catch Dr. Terry Jones, on CNN tonight at 8:30 PM. He is the founder of the new book “Islam is of the Devil”, and the “International Burn a Koran Day”, which will take place on 9/11. Dr. Jones will be interviewed by Rick Sanchez.

Dr. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center is the guy that tweeter (aka Twit) IslamicJihadi started her litany of “duas” with.

As posted here, IslamicJihadi made dua that the Dove World Outreach Center would burn to the ground, and that Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Me and all Zionist bloggers would be executed. Sweet gal, huh? Word I get is that authorities who know how to find her know where to look. Like I said before – watch your six, sister!

LOL @IslamicJihadi

I had posted previously about IslamicJihadi “making dua” for the burning of a church in Florida and also for the execution of Pamela Geller. Well gee – my posting earned me the same “dua” treatment:

Does anyone else think this chick is a little unhinged? Maybe there were a few too many bong hits back in her death metal days (considering that death metal seems to be a trend for pre-conversion.)

H/T to ImFlippinTheRaya for saving a screen cap of @IslamicJihadi’s nonsense. Thank you very much!

Update: She wanted to “clear up the confusion.”

Bwaaahahahahaaaa! We are not confused. You pulled the tweet because you thought that let you get away with your idiocy. What are you? Twelve? Does mommy know you’re using the computer again?

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