Shockingly, the American people say that the success is George Bush’s fault!  And what’s even more stunning is that Dems are actually split evenly over who should get the credit!

From Fox News:

Voters are pretty clear, as a 54-percent majority names former President George W. Bush as the person who should be acknowledged as most responsible for the success in Iraq. Some 19 percent think President Obama deserves the most credit. Some 14 percent volunteer the view that neither of the presidents, but instead the Iraqi people are most deserving of this accolade. Interestingly, Democrats are evenly divided on this question (34 percent Bush, 34 percent Obama).

Well maybe folks have been paying more attention than I thought!

I’ll bet ObaMessiah is not to happy about that.  There have been no comments from the White House because TOTUS has yet to tell Ohbummer what to say.  HA!

CNN’s poll from last Friday found that an increasing number of people surveyed believed that the Iraq War was a success (60%) but only 40% of people approved of the way George Bush handled the war.  62% believed that the Iraq War was not worth it.  So it was a success, but it was not worth it.  Interesting.  CNN’s poll stopped short of asking who was responsible for the failure/success of the mission in Iraq.  It would have been an interesting question in light of the number who called it a success.

Hat Tip to my bro.