I can’t tell you much this sickens me to read…mostly because I know it’s true.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani is a 19 year veteran of the US Marine Corps, with tours of duty in Panama, the Persian Gulf and three tours of Iraq. He is also a man whose well documented, and heroic, career is on hold right now because of the accusations of one man: John Murtha, American Congressman, who went on national television and accused the Marines of killing innocent civilians in cold blood. Lt. Col. Chessani swore an oath on joining the military to defend America against all “enemies, foreign and domestic”. As has been seen repeatedly throughout the current war, it is the domestic enemies that people like the Lt. Col. most have to defend themselves against.

The enemedia.  Congressmen and women.  Code pinko whacked out moonbats.  It’s disgusting. NewsBlaze has more.